Eyelash Extensions – Do’s and Don’ts

eyelash extensions - do's & don'tsHow to optimise your eyelash extensions – do’s and don’ts.
Waking up in the morning with a gorgeous set of lashes can have you feeling flawless without any makeup on.

Eyelash extensions allow you to do just that.

While the results are certainly eye-opening, the process is one that should be thoroughly researched prior to making an appointment. And the aftercare is no joke! Keep reading to know more about eyelash extensions.

Do :

DO know that eyelash extensions are a commitment. Lashes last 3-4 weeks, so unless you want to get them properly removed, you need to plan for refills.
DO your research! Lash extensions are an intricate process. Finding certified eyelash extension artist is very important .
DO consider bringing your favorite music or mindfulness app to zone out and unwind during the process. Prepare to stay still for about two hours; napping is certainly encouraged.
DO purchase an oil-free makeup remover. Anything with oil will cause the extensions to fall out prematurely.

Don’t :

DON’T apply mascara over your extensions. Mascara will not be needed if the correct volume is properly applied, so mascara will only cause lashes to break or fall out.
DON’T rub your eyes or get your lashes wet in the first 48 hours post application. We’re not saying you can’t ever wash the eye area, but know that they will last longer if you actively avoid your lash line.
DON’T think you can’t break a sweat with falsies. Exercise that require a physical training causes you to sweat is not recommended immediately after having you eyelash extension done, up to 48-hours is the golden rule when it comes to waiting.
DON’T use an eyelash curler on extensions. If you really feel you need to curl, you probably need to switch your eyelash place You should absolutely not need to curl your extension as a good set already has a nice bend to them.